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I offer 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions via skype or in person in Cornwall. Coaching is a way of supporting people to find their own answers & to move forward in their lives: to manifest a specific projects, bring meaning more strongly into life or to work through periods of transition.


I work creatively to support individuals drawing on my background in the therapeutic arts, life coaching & nature mentoring. 

Please do get in touch to arrange a free chat. I charge £35 -45 per 55 minute session on a pay as you can basis.

'Naomi helped me to vocalise and realise my next steps of action with  space for deep thought and listening. We used a series of creative mapping tools that brought inspiration, focus and clarity. Naomi’s  gentle reminders to value myself, my skills and to deeply consider what gift I have to offer leave me feeling alive, full of energy and confident to step into action. '


' In just three sessions I have gained a more balanced view of where I am in life. Her calm and reassuring manner encouraged me to explore many of my life’s possibilities and to become less critical of myself. I found her ability to clarify and consolidate my thoughts into tangible ways forward extremely useful. Through this experience with Naomi what seemed like individual threads of my life have been woven together. The end result is that I feel more complete and able to move forward.'




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