• Naomi Hannam

A Beginning

Finding Beauty - An Extract from an interview with bashō skincare

John O’Donohue writes of the Greek word for beauty stemming from the word for calling. For me creativity is just that. A calling, a way of being in the world and a way of inhabiting life.

In a world where there is so much destruction, violence and turmoil – drawing attention to beauty and hope feels vital to keep walking forwards. It is a way to seeing  the darkness without falling in. And so I try to make every act one that holds creativity at its core - how I hang my washing out, facilitate a training or make super for my friends.  My hands are rarely still and my mind curious to learn. I love being outside and learning to make from the abundance of nature. I weave - baskets, wool and stories. I make ink and pull drawings from my imagination and the hedgerows. And when the first signs of spring come I love to walk quietly with a basket collecting flowers, herbs and plants to turn in to balms and infused oils – making medicines. 

I try to sing every day.  I try to remember what I’m grateful for, I try to share my love for nature with children. I try to make time to look and listen. And when I do the world is abit more bright and a lot more possible.


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