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Space to Explore

A Note From Naomi

Everyone, in particular every child, will have had a very different experiences of lockdown. We are aware that coming back to forest school may be both an exciting and scary experience. This has been a time of uncertainty, change of routine, rhythm and familiarity. Along with Covid-19 we have seen the anti-racism protests following the murder of George Floyd. There is no question there is a lot to process and think about. TIDE forest school strives to welcome diversity and provide a space for our young people to explore issues and topics that are alive for them in an age appropriate and safe way. TIDE strives to celebrate diversity and support of the Black Lives matter campaign. TIDE has a zero tolerance policy towards racism and bullying and are actively exploring how we can tackle racism and inequality. As  forest school leaders, educators and mentors we have found that interesting conversations often happen when doing repetitive jobs outside. Working, walking or sitting alongside a group provides a space where busy bodies allow minds to explore. TIDE has been set up as a place to navigate both physical and emotional landscapes. Conversations are brought by the young people and supported by our adults. It is our intention to set up a place of equality. A place where young people can explore their feelings, opinions and build emotional resilience if they choose to do so. Whether it is 1:1 conversations or as a group, it is our intention to respond to young people’s needs and support them to find their own voice. Vic and Naomi have training to facilitate and support these conversations if they arise. Vic is an experienced mentor and menstrual cycle awareness guide. Naomi has trained as a youth coach and mentor as well as completing a post graduate certificate in therapeutic education.  As always we are ready to support playing, fire making and all things forest school. We wanted you to know that we have the skills and awareness to support the emotional needs of your young people as and when they arise. We look forward to welcoming you back to the woods.

 Image by Rosanna Morris-

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