A Forest School For Girls aged 6- 11


It is with great sadness that TIDE forest school is closing its doors due to the current Covid restrictions. 


All cancelled bookings are redeemable towards future sessions. 

Whilst these times are tough we believe more than ever in the work TIDE is doing to support girls and women in nature - We are here to stay and will be spending the next months building stronger roots and strategies to return safely to the woods as soon as we can. Tide will be returning with even more passion and energy as soon as we can.


Contact us at tideforestschool@gmail.com for more information.

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TIDE Forest School

Our Ethos

Time to make fire, climb trees, make, explore, forage & eat lunch together. Four spring Saturdays that form part of  a year long program of forest school for girls. These days will take place in beautiful woods near the tidal estuary where we can explore, make camp and craft.

The sessions are run by experienced forest school leader’s Naomi Hannam from Creative Roots and Victoria Dufour-cox from Nature and Me (www.natureandme.co.uk).

Tide is a space for girls to connect to nature, community, to be curious, play, learn and to take risks in a safe and supportive environment.

Through fun, practical and creative activities it is our aim to build self-esteem, independence, emotional resilience, co-operation, autonomy, motivation and a sense of connection and belonging in nature. Tide sessions will be a space for girls to find their voice in a a non-judgmental, non-directive and inclusive space which is youth led, holistic and experiential.

Meet The Team

Naomi Hannam

Creative Roots


Naomi is a creative facilitator, artist, forest school practitioner, fire maker, coach and planter of seeds. She has worked in a diverse range of educational settings: from the classroom to leading groups up mountains. From an early age her passion and love of the outdoors found her sleeping under the stars, singing around fires, adventuring with little in her pack and making from only what was in the natural world. It is this creativity, simplicity, awe and wonder that Naomi strives to share and use to empower, connect and build resilience in young people.

Victoria Dufour

Nature and Me 


Victoria Dufour-Cox is a Forest School leader, Menstrual Cycle Awareness educator and paediatric first aider - who has trained with Alexandra Pope via the Women's Quest apprenticeship in 2017 and is a Journey Of Young Women certified Girls program facilitator. Victoria is passionate about girls receiving support and knowledge allowing them an educated choice and an empowered start on their journey to adulthood. With this work, Victoria is stepping up as a mentor for her community.

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